T-Rex Chopsticks

T-Rex Chopsticks
T-Rex Chopsticks
T-Rex Chopsticks

T-Rex Chopsticks

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Chomping chopsticks with teeth clashing action!

Take a bite out of your lunch with Munchtime. These cool characters open and close as you squeeze the easy-to-use, kid-friendly, animated chopsticks. They make every meal jawesome! Made of food-safe ABS.

  • Material: Food-safe ABS Plastic
  • Heigh: t~8-9" inches
  • Use & Care: Hand Wash Only

About the Company: So what's the deal with Fred, anyways? FRED focuses on well-designed stuff that solves a problem, puts a smile on your face, and doesn’t cost a fortune. We delight in taking everyday, functional products and turning them into something fresh and unexpected, something funny, something personal.

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