Sweet Mint Dark Chocolate Bar

Sweet Mint Dark Chocolate Bar
Sweet Mint Dark Chocolate Bar

Sweet Mint Dark Chocolate Bar

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With a distinctively fresh and herbal mint flavor on the front line, this dark chocolate 61% cacao content made with fine flavor cocoa beans from Colombia stands out with the perfect harmony between herbal flavors, and slight acid tones, delivering a good balance between sweetness and bitter well-defined cocoa flavors. This elegant bar brings a sense of play, originality, and freshness to every bite.

  • 80g - Vegan - Gluten Free - Vegetarian
  • Chocolate origin: Colombia 
  • Made in United Kingdom
  • Artist: Blumoo
  • Contains: Soy
  • Ingredients: Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: non-GMO soya lecithin, natural mint flavour, natural vanilla flavour. Cocoa solids 61% minimum.

Challenging industry norms, COCO begin the making of their chocolate at origin before passionately transforming it in Edinburgh, Scotland. As a result, more wealth remains within developing economies. COCO wrappers are a canvas for artists and artisans alike: those who dare to innovate, inspire and challenge.  

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