Spektral Mobile

Spektral Mobile
Spektral Mobile
Spektral Mobile

Spektral Mobile

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Paper stick garland in a repeating rainbow array.

  • Mini: Width: 2 in" Length: 22 in"
  • Original : Width: 4 in" Length: 50 in"
  • Design: Brigitta and Benedikt Martig-Imhof
  • Production: Dock // St. Gallen
  • © tat-tat GmbHl 2004
  • Award: Form 2004

Tät-Tat, founded in 1994 near Zurich, produces playful design items that charm the eye and delight the mind. The husband and wife design team—Benedikt and Brigitta Martig-Imhof are former teachers who work hand in hand with social work programs and institutions throughout Switzerland and Germany, employing up to 300 special-needs persons.

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