Rainbow Taper Candles | set of 6

Rainbow Taper Candles | set of 6
Rainbow Taper Candles | set of 6

Rainbow Taper Candles | set of 6

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Botanica taper candles are dipped over 20 times by hand, creating the ideal taper–dripless and smokeless–perfect for dinner parties and creating warm, homey ambiance. Our Rainbow Tapers are slightly textured for a handmade finish, and beautifully dyed in an array of shades reflecting the Pride flag.

  • Benefitting:  The Trevor Project
  • Unscented, Soy wax, Cotton Wick
  • Six 10″, 7/8" diameter Taper Candles 
  • 8 Hour Burn Time
  • No parabens, phthalates, or sulfates
  • Plastic-Free packaging 

About BOTANICA: Botanica's mission is to create beautifully fragranced products with the highest quality ingredients, while simultaneously committing to contributing a portion of their profits to charities across the globe. In their efforts, they hope to work together toward the goal of ecological, societal, and environmental sustainability. All of their candles and apothecary products are made by hand in Vero Beach, Florida.

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