Perspectives Mobile

Perspectives Mobile

Perspectives Mobile

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Everything is in the eye of the beholder. Depends on the perspective. And in the light, we see it.

The ‘Perspective’ mobile designed by Ole Flensted, gives you an opportunity to see the world in a new light when you feel the need of it.

Just let the charming frames of the mobile function as small magical passe-partouts.

Then you will get new angles on reality each time the frames overlap each other when they whirl around above your head.

  • Designed by Ole Flensted
  • Design Year: 2015
  • Material: Cardboard
  • Dimensions: 60 x 45 cm

About Flensted Mobiles: The Flensted Mobiles fairytale is actually based on two straws and three paper storks. For this was what Christian Flensted cut out and assembled in 1953 when the christening of his daughter, Mette, was going to be celebrated. The result was the stork mobile, which was only conceived of as being a fun, ingenious and personal gift, but ended up as the prelude to Flensted Mobiles. For when it comes to mobiles, rest and restlessness make a happy couple. In 1982 Grethe and Christian Flensted decided to pass the baton on to Ole. In connection with this change of generation at Flensted Mobiles, the running of the company was now taken over by Ole and his wife, Aase. They have continued to operate the mobiles company paying great respect to the original ideas.

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