Peppers Canvas Print

Peppers Canvas Print
Peppers Canvas Print
Peppers Canvas Print

Peppers Canvas Print

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This photo canvas is exclusively made for AKAR Design by Architect Sanjay Jani from AKAR ARchiTecture.

Farm Fresh series photographs are rhythmic and geometric abstractions created with repetition and mirroring of photographs taken in the backyard garden.

Size: 8" x 8" x 3/4" deep

AKAR was established in 1998 by Sanjay Jani and Jigna Jani,  both architects with a passion for Art, architecture, and design, and photography.

About Sanjay Jani: I grew up always wanting to be an Architect, which I now am. The earliest photograph that I remember capturing was at the age of 6 with my father's Agfa- Click III camera. It was well used, protected in a brown leather snap cover. I can still hear the mechanical shutter opening and closing. I was hooked.
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