Gradient Dominoes

Gradient Dominoes
Gradient Dominoes
Gradient Dominoes

Gradient Dominoes

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Enjoy a picture perfect game with Block Design's color wheel inspired wooden dominoes.
 Or create the dream domino rally to animate the gorgeous gradient.

These Gradient Dominoes create a picture perfect rally! But if you do fancy a game beforehand, here are the rules... 

1. Place the dominoes face down in front of you and give them a shuffle.
2. Each player selects an equal number of dominoes from the pile (hiding them from their opponents). Leave the rest where they are.
3. The first player puts down their chosen domino face up in the middle.
4. The next player selects a domino that matches either of the dots on their opponent's domino and places that beside it.
5. If a player can't play a domino they must pick one up from the leftover pile until they find a match.
6. The winner of the game is the opponent to use up all their dominoes first!

  • Made in United Kingdom 
  • Dimensions: 1 x 2 x 0.3 inches
About Block Design: Block Design began in 2000, shortly after the creator graduated. They were keen to combine a passion for design with an engineering background, to create a range of functional, beautiful lifestyle products. The first Block product was a vase, since then they have added desk accessories, jewelry and more homeware to the collection. 20 years on and Block Design is proud to lead a team of seven creatives, each integral to design and production.
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