Constructive Eating Placemat

Constructive Eating Placemat
Constructive Eating Placemat

Constructive Eating Placemat

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The Construction Placemat features shaded areas that match the Construction Plate and utensils (sold separately) so little ones can learn how to set the perfect plate before mealtime! The placemat also features a landscape view of a construction worksite where 8 construction workers are busy building the home of their dreams. The construction “equipment” is a mixture of healthy and delicious foods, including asparagus, mac and cheese, strawberries, blueberries, carrots, and a delicious ice cream sunday!

Utensils and plate are sold separately.

All products are Made in the USA! The placemat is durable and is easy to wipe clean. The placemat is made of Polypropylene with the dimensions 11″ x 17″.

In creating Constructive Eating, the founders, Carter and Jackie Malcolm, had families like theirs in mind. From the early stages of feeding, to doing it all on their own, they use fun and functionality to bring the joy of eating back to the table.

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