Loose Leaf Tea, Jasmine Green

Loose Leaf Tea, Jasmine Green
Loose Leaf Tea, Jasmine Green

Loose Leaf Tea, Jasmine Green

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Rare, exceptional Chung Hao tea, scented with jasmine flowers. Jasmine scented green tea is one of the classic teas one might have in a Chinese restaurant. Pairing superbly with salty and spicy foods, Jasmine Green complements without overpowering.

  • Tasting Notes: Flavor: soft yet intoxicating floral notes from jasmine well balanced with fresh Fujian green tea Aroma: intensely floral Color: golden yellow green
  • INGREDIENTS: organic jasmine green tea

The weight of the tea ranges from 50-130 grams depending on the volume of the blend. Each 100% recyclable canister contains approximately 35-50 servings.

Extraordinary teas meet unparalleled presentation for an exceptional experience that could only be Tea Forté. Steeped in over 35 countries, they work directly with growers that share their dedication and determination to producing the definitive expression of every type of tea they feature.

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