Alessi, Creamer - 9096

Alessi Creamer - 9096

Alessi, Creamer - 9096

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Creamer in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished with handle in PA, light blue.

 "Graves" highly personal and easy to recognize formal style blends influences from the European tradition, Art Deco, American "pop", and flashes of pre-Colombian culture. He has shown he can bewitch the public like only very few of the designers with whom I've worked. I think that his success derives from his wholly uninhibited approach to the economic dimension which this activity inevitably entails". Alberto Alessi

 Product Details:

  • Diameter: 4"
  • Height: 2"
  • Content (cl/oz):  20.00

Since its establishment in 1921, Alessi has gradually evolved, becoming a leading exponent of the “Factories of Italian design”, capable of mediating between the most interesting expressions of international creativity and the public, society and the market. Its mission is to translate these creative expressions into real objects capable of fulfilling dreams and satisfying the public’s desires.

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