Corvo EKG Pro: Electric Kettle

Corvo EKG Pro: Electric Kettle
Corvo EKG Pro: Electric Kettle
Corvo EKG Pro: Electric Kettle
Corvo EKG Pro: Electric Kettle

Corvo EKG Pro: Electric Kettle

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Introducing Corvo EKG Pro, a game-changing evolution to our signature all-purpose kettle. With fully customizable brew settings, precision temperature control, and access to firmware updates over WiFi, Corvo EKG Pro will help you perfect your tea, coffee, hot chocolate, famous oatmeal recipe, or whatever else you need hot water for. It’s time to go Pro.

Customizable Brew Settings: Use the high resolution full color screen to access a stacked menu of features to perfect your brew.

  • Schedule: Set your kettle to reach a specific temperature at a specific time.
  • Guide Mode: Not sure where to begin? Pick a preset temperature for different coffee brewing styles and types of tea.
  • Altitude: Prevent boiling over by setting the altitude for your location.
  • Adjustable Hold Mode: Keep your water hot for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.
  • Chime + volume control: Hear when your water is ready. Turn it on or off and decide how loud.
  • Units: Pick Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Pre-Boil: Boil at max temperature to sanitize before dropping to your target temperature.
  • Language: Choose English, French, and Spanish.
  • Clock: Go analog or digital.
  • WiFi: Get the latest firmware through WiFi updates using the Fellow Updater app. Please note: you aren’t able to control your kettle or its settings via the Fellow Updater app at this time.

    Technical Specs:

    • Dimensions: 8.74 in (222 mm) x 6.77 in (172 mm) x 7.7 in (196 mm)
    • Weight: 1750 g (includes kettle base)
    • Volume: 30 oz (0.9 L)
    • Cord Length: 2.5 ft (76.2 cm)
    • Plug: Type-B (for U.S. and Canada)
    • Power: 110-120V~ / 1000-1200W / 50-60Hz
    • Materials:  3304 18/8 stainless steel kettle body, wooden handle and lid pull, metal touchpoints
    • Temperature Range: 104°F-212°F / 40°C-100°C
    • Product Certifications: ETL compliance, FCC certified, CSA certified, UL compliance
    Fellow's creators are a handful of nerds in love with coffee, and obsessed with product design. Fellow began as a Kickstarter campaign. They sought out to create a different type of coffee brewer, one that was equally functional and beautiful.
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