Alessi, Moka

Alessi, Moka
Alessi Moka Pot, Designer David Chipperfield, Coffee Maker, Stovetop, Espresso Maker
Alessi, Moka
Alessi, Moka
Alessi, Moka

Alessi, Moka

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A coffee maker with a familiar and at the same time innovative form. Designed by architect David Chipperfield, Moka is an artist's interpretation of a timeless icon of the Italian culture. Chipperfield introduces a series of details that make the Moka design new and even more functional, such as the flat lid on which to place the cups to be heated - allowing optimum enjoyment of the aroma and flavor of the drink. For those who don't want to compromise on the unmistakable taste of coffee prepared with an espresso coffee maker.


  • Moka coffee maker in aluminum. Handle and knob grey.
  • CAPACITY: 1 cup / 3 cup / 6 cup
  • CAPACITY: 2.4 fl oz/ 5.1 fl oz/ 10.1 fl oz
  • Height (inches): 4.33" / 5.32" / 7.09"
  • Lenght (inches): 5.32" / 6.30" / 7.09"
  • Width (inches): 2.76" / 3.54" / 4.14"

David Chipperfield: Sir David Chipperfield, British, was born in 1953 in London. David Chipperfield Architects was established in 1984 and the practice has won numerous national and international competitions. In 2004 he was made an Honorary Member of the Florence Academy of Art and Design. He was appointed Royal Designer for Industry...

Since its establishment in 1921, Alessi has gradually evolved, becoming a leading exponent of the “Factories of Italian design”, capable of mediating between the most interesting expressions of international creativity and the public, society and the market. Its mission is to translate these creative expressions into real objects capable of fulfilling dreams and satisfying the public’s desires.

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