Tall Candles in Fawn

Tall Candles in Fawn
Tall Candles in Fawn
Tall Candles in Fawn
Tall Candles in Fawn

Tall Candles in Fawn

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Introducing British Colour Standard's beautiful solid colour dinner candles, hand poured in British Colour Standard Fawn. An old colour name representing the colour of the young fallow deer. The lightest tone of the three colours selected by the furriers for Nutria, the middle tone being Nutria, B.C.S No. 139, and the darkest being Clove Brown, B.C.S. No. 140.

Hand-poured by artisans our colourful candles make a stylish addition to any home, perfect for entertaining or giving as a gift.

  • Pack of 6 Non-drip
  • 24.5cm Tall / 9.64 ''
  • 8 hour burn time, with a tall clean flame.
  • Fair Trade
  • No animal derived ingredients
  • 100% Stearin Wax 
  • Pure Cotton Wick (lead/metal Free)
  • Ecological colour dyes, Paraffin Free.

The art/design team of Jackie Piper & Victoria Whitbread have a shared love of color & material exploration. Discovering an old color dictionary in an Oxfam shop began a journey to re-establish this long forgotten brand. A treasure trove of color & rich history first established 1931. Out of use since the 1950’s, they acquired & accurately scanned original color dictionaries. Derived and inspired from nature, flora & fauna, as well as semi-precious stones & spices, the main collections include many historic & special Royal colors, designed and used for coronations & special events.

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