Potato Chip Clip

Potato Chip Clip
Potato Chip Clip
Potato Chip Clip

Potato Chip Clip

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For the ultimate chip-sters.

Keep your snacks fun and fresh with this trompe l'oeil tortilla chip bag clip! Fred's TORTILLA CLIPS is a set of 4 bag clips that are so handy we bet you can't use just one! The realistic tortilla-chip clip is double sided and is constructed from durable ABS plastic.

Material plastic, abs
Width 1.2 inch
Length 2.3 inch
Height 2.4 inch
Designed By Fred Studio

About the Company: So what's the deal with Fred, anyways? FRED focuses on well-designed stuff that solves a problem, puts a smile on your face, and doesn’t cost a fortune. We delight in taking everyday, functional products and turning them into something fresh and unexpected, something funny, something personal.

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