Nat + Noor, Lu Lu in Pink + Orange

MAT + NOOR, Hair Accessories, Hair Clip

Nat + Noor, Lu Lu in Pink + Orange

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Hair Accessories crafted from eco-friendly bio-acetate to spread more NOOR.  

  • The material used for the hair clips are metal, cellulose acetate, plastic or an acrylic material. 
  • Details:  Includes 2 metal hair clips, 2.4" length.

Nat is short for Natalia and Noor means light in Arabic. Natalia is the owner and designer. Natalia, the founder and creative director of Nat + Noor, has a background in art and design. She is obsessed with colors, patterns and texture and creates pieces with both aesthetic and functionally in mind. The company creates with you in mind, hoping your piece will be used and loved. 

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