Hot Air Balloon Snow Globe

Hot Air Balloon Snow Globe

Hot Air Balloon Snow Globe

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Floating above a bucolic landscape, this Hot Air Balloon is a delight to build a dream on.

"Keep your globe out of direct sunlight. Sunlight shining through the water is a magnifier and can cause a fire. Sunlight can also cause the water to discolor. Dust with a soft cloth. Glass cleaner is fine on the globe. Cool snowglobes are made of glass and are not toys for children."

Product Details:

  • Glass globe, piano black base
  • Glass Globe: 4" diameter 
  • Dimensions with base: 4"w x 4"l x 5"h
  • Glass globe, Piano Black base. Does not play music

Liz Ross and David Westby, a married art-and-design team, created CoolSnowGlobes™ to encapsulate exquisite moments.  Based in Vermont and initially inspired by the glorious seasons of New England, CoolSnowGlobes™ has grown into the foremost designer and manufacturer of hand-painted, heirloom-quality snow globes in the world.

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