Fungi Cotton Tea Towel

Fungi Cotton Tea Towel
Fungi Cotton Tea Towel

Fungi Cotton Tea Towel

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This 100% Cotton Tea Towel captures the historial charm of Werner's Nomenclature of Colours, used by pioneers like Charles Darwin to categorise colours through nature's inspiration. Roomytown's design team in Bath, UK, have curated the design using an adaptation of Werner's colour swatches published by P. Syme in 1821. This Tea Towel comes neatly folded and packaged with a card belly band. Machine washable for everyday use in your kitchen.

  • Dimensions: H 710mm x W 460mm / H 28" x W 18.1"
  • Material: 100% Cotton

About Roomytown: "We're a UK based design studio that believes art is what makes a house a home. It's the layers and stories, the mix of old with new, that make a space feel creative and personal. And it's those unexpected combinations that make it yours. Our unique collection of museum-quality prints range from vintage designs we've personally unearthed and restored, to newly created works by artists and illustrators."

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