Carter Move Mug in Slate Grey

Carter Move Mug in Slate Grey
Carter Move Mug in Slate Grey

Carter Move Mug in Slate Grey

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Meet Carter Move Mug, a travel mug finally worthy of the coffee inside. Designed to amplify the senses and engineered to fit your travel needs with a snap-in splash guard and slim width, you can now enjoy coffee at its fullest on-the-go. Not dishwasher safe.

Cup holder-friendly and equipped with a snap-in splash guard to save your brew from bumps and sudden stops, you’re officially in the clear to caffeinate on your commute.

  • 12 oz
  • A tapered thin lip mimics a Cabernet glass to deliver coffee directly to your taste buds while also sitting comfortably on your mouth.
  • Your coffee should taste how you intended. Unlike stainless steel, a ceramic interior keeps your brew free of odors, oils, and “old penny” tasting notes.
  • A quick, 270° twist locks the lid to eliminate liquid mishaps. You have our your-bag-is-not-getting-wet guarantee.
  • Because triple walled seemed a little overboard. Our 304 18/8 insulated stainless steel retains heat for 12 hours and stays cold for 24 hours.

    Fellow's creators are a handful of nerds in love with coffee, and obsessed with product design. Fellow began as a Kickstarter campaign. They sought out to create a different type of coffee brewer, one that was equally functional and beautiful.

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