Born: September 25, 1932 - Toronto, Canada
Died: October 4, 1982 - Toronto, Canada.

Glenn Gould was one of the great musicians of the twentieth century. While he was acclaimed initially as a pianist of prodigioius talent, Gould had a remarkable career which included recording, writing, and producing radio documentaries, composing, and writing scholarly and critical work. A performer of multiple talents, Glenn Gould on occasion turned to the organ and harpsichord, and in his last year began to work as a recording conductor. He had written the music for three films and had hoped to direct films and write fiction.

Although Glenn Gould had become a legend as a concert pianist before he was thirty, he chose to redirect his energies towards innovative ways to communicate music through the mass media. When he stopped giving concerts in 1964, at the age of 32, his friends and closest colleagues feared he would lose his eminence in the international music world. With extraordinary foresight, however, he consolidated his career as a recording artist with CBS Records. He influenced a new generation of performers and listeners through his illuminating interpretations of the music of a variety of composers, and in particular, of Bach. Gould's probing and sometimes controversial explorations of his extensive musical repertoire resulted in intensely personal re-creations of classical works, which became milestones in the evolution of musical interpretation and performance.