I make ceramics meant to used and appreciated for their easily functional qualities. The relationship of a pot to its user is an important one to me. The lightness of form, accessibility of handles, and positioning of spouts are issues I work with while throwing and finishing my pots.
In my work, I have recently been drawing source material from the local vernacular architecture: silos, granaries, and tobacco barns. I see this architecture as metaphor, vessels that have been forgotten, lost integral purpose, fallen into disrepair. There is a mystery and beauty inherent in much of this common architecture that was once used and now is mostly not.
I am interested in making pots that contain a sense of this mystery. Pots whose function are not quite apparent, surfaces of slips and glazes that present a challenge to the observer and user. I see this as enhancing the dialogue between the maker and user, causing a contemplation of the pots that we use and the world around us.


M.F.A., Ceramics. University of Massachusetts at South Dartmouth. May 2001.
Special Student, Ceramics. Louisiana State University. September 1997- May 1998.
B.A., Studio Art. Berea College. May 1991.

Teaching Related Experience

Spring Semester 2007. Berea College, Berea, KY.
Adjunct Professor. Taught three levels of ceramics. Taught principles of hand-building, working applications of three-dimensional design and technical issues in clays, glazes, and firing methods.

Fall Semesters 2003-2006. Berea College. Berea, KY.
Throwing Instructor. Taught beginning apprentices all aspects of throwing, glazing, and firing.

Spring Semester 2006. Centre College. Danville KY.
Adjunct Professor. Taught Design, Hand-building and Throwing classes.

Spring semester 2001. UMass South Dartmouth. New Bedford MA.
Instructor of continuing education. Taught all aspects of throwing, glazing, and firing.

Fall semester 2000. UMass South Dartmouth. New Bedford, MA.
Throwing and Hand-building Instructor. T.A. Teacher on Record.

May- August 2000 and 2001. Umass South Dartmouth. New Bedford, MA.
Hand-building instructor for St Vincent dePaul Children’s Program. Taught course in clay to at-risk teenagers. Helped coordinate the program and set up the final show of children’s work at Artworks gallery in New Bedford.

Fall Semester 1999 and Spring Semester 2000. Umass South Dartmouth. New Bedford, MA.
Instructor of Three Dimensional Design. T.A. Teacher on Record. Taught working applications of three-dimensional design to freshman in a ceramics classroom.

February 1994- July 1997. Pottery Northwest. Seattle, WA.
Instructor of hand building and throwing classes.

Work Related Experience

Spring Semester 2007, Berea College, Berea, KY.
Director, Ceramic Apprenticeship Program. Responsible for directing the Berea College pottery apprentices, maintaing equipment and suppies, running program.

September 2003- Present. Berea College, Berea, KY.
Resident Potter. Responsible for the designing and production of pottery for the Berea College Craft and Marketing Program. Help maintain the ceramic studio and assist in the responsibility of overseeing the student workers. Built 30 cu ft. wood-fired Train Kiln with college students under the technical assistance of Walter Hyleck.

February 2005- Present. New Opportunity School for Women. Berea College, Berea, KY.
Workshop leader. Periodically lead three-week workshops for women participating in the New Opportunity School.

September 2001- September 2003. Habitat for Humanity. Richmond, KY.
Construction Assistant. Was responsible for the construction of affordable housing for clients in need. Assisted in all aspects of building and use of tools, from foundation work to finish carpentry.

May- August 2001. Umass South Dartmouth, New Bedford, MA.
Student Worker for the Star Store Project. Helped coordinate the move of a 17,000 square foot ceramic, metals, woodworking, and printmaking facility into a
Historically rehabilitated building in downtown New Bedford.

May- August 1999. Sherle Wagner Industries. Fall River, MA.
Slip Room Manager. Was responsible for the casting of sinks and tableware. Duties included mixing and maintenance of slip’s specific gravity, quality control of the finished product, and the casting and maintaining stock of sink and tableware molds.

Galleries and Exhibitions

March 14- 17 2007. “ The Best of Kentucky Clay”
Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft. Louisville, KY.

March 2007. “Kentucky Faculty Show.” NCECA. Louisville, KY.

February 2007. “Hand-Made.” Artisan Center. Berea, KY.

September 2006. Faculty Exhibition, Roger’s Art Gallery. Berea College. Berea KY.

November 2005. “ Kentucky Teapots.” Artisan Center. Berea, KY.

October 2005. “Faculty Art Exhibition.” Berea Arts Council. Berea, KY.

April 2001. M.F.A. Exhibition. University of Massachusetts at South Dartmouth, MA.

December 2000. Group Exhibition. Gallery 244. University of Massachusetts at South Dartmouth, MA.

March 2000. “ The Body Industry” Gallery 244 Solo Exhibition. University of Massachusetts at South Dartmouth, MA.

March 1997. NCECA’s Regional Student Exhibition. Houston TX.

February 1994- present. Pottery Northwest Functional Pottery Gallery. Seattle WA.

Scholarships and Awards

July 1999. Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts. Newcastle ME.
Awarded scholarship for two-week residency, working with artist Mark Burns.

September 1998- May 1999. University of Massachusetts at South Dartmouth. New Bedford MA.
Educational Scholarship.

Travel and Related Experience

January 1990. Short Term, Berea College.
Held a month-long residency at the Art Institute of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica. Studied under the potters Norma Harrick and Cecil Baugh.

January 1987. Short Term, Berea College.
Traveled through Italy studying its art and architecture under the guidance of Professor Robert Boyce. Visited Rome, Ravenna, Florence, Venice, Murano and Milan.

Other Relevant Experience

February- May 2006. Centre College.
Served on faculty committee responsible for the Senior Student Exhibition. Assisted in hanging show and assigning grades.

March 2006. Danville, KY.
Led a student and community firing of the 400 cu foot anagama wood kiln located in the Danville community. Coordinated the wood preparation, loading, shift assignments, and firing of the kiln.

February- April 2000. University of Massachsetts at South Dartmouth. Ceramics Professor Search Committee.
Student representative for the search committee. Responsible for coordinating meetings of candidates with students. Sat in and helped coordinate all committee meetings.

March 2004. NCECA Conference. Indianapolis, Indiana.
Led student group to the NCECA conference in Indianapolis. Visited workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions.