Lamy Balloon Rollerball Pens

Lamy Balloon Rollerball Pens
Lamy Balloon Rollerball Pens
Lamy Balloon Rollerball Pens

Lamy Balloon Rollerball Pens

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Light and Colorful!

The ideal writing instrument to complement the school fountain pen for small memos and quick notes. With distinctive, elastic plastic clip.

Rollerball Pen

Many attractive colors, timeless design, perfect ergonomics. These are just some of the reasons that the LAMY safari is one of the most popular writing instruments worldwide. Distinctive recessed grip guarantees writing comfort. Sturdy plastic with metal clip and ergonomic grip. With refill LAMY M 63 black M. Uses Lamy M63 ink refills.

  • Design: Wolfgang Fabian
  • The grip Ergonomically shaped grip area to enable writing for long periods of time without tiring.
  • The casing Sturdy casing made from ABS plastic available in various colors and lid fitted with an automatic spring-action metal clip that’s chrome plated.

All over the world, writing instruments from Lamy represent functionality and timelessly modern design. They are produced in Germany in accordance with the highest quality standards or, more precisely, in Heidelberg, where the family company has been based since it was founded in 1930.

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