Autumn Snow Globe

Autumn Snow Globe
Autumn Snow Globe
Autumn Snow Globe

Autumn Snow Globe

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Celebrate the grandest season, Autumn.  A bower of brightly colored trees aside a winding stream. You cross a small stone bridge, leaves crinkle under your feet. The beauty of the season is evoked with brilliant colored leaves falling. Autumn is in the air and your senses. Scarlet colors swirl all around. 

Product Details:

  • Glass globe, piano black base
  • Glass Globe: 4" diameter 
  • Dimensions with base: 4"w x 4"l x 5"h
  • Glass globe, Piano Black base. Does not play music

Liz Ross and David Westby, a married art-and-design team, created CoolSnowGlobes™ to encapsulate exquisite moments.  Based in Vermont and initially inspired by the glorious seasons of New England, CoolSnowGlobes™ has grown into the foremost designer and manufacturer of hand-painted, heirloom-quality snow globes in the world.

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