Bookmark: Charley Harper's Cool Cardinal

Bookmark: Charley Harper&
Bookmark: Charley Harper&

Bookmark: Charley Harper's Cool Cardinal

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Charley Harper wrote: zero, with a hundred percent probability of precipitation, is cool, man, cool, even when you're wearing your red flannels. You can't stuff your gizzard in a blizzard, so how do you survive? Hunker up and sit it out, rationing your reserves, moderating your metabolism. Cool it, man, cool it.

  • solid brass
  • electro-plated with non-tarnishing silver finish
  • giclee print
  • dimensions approx. 1.25 w x 2.25 l.
  • Made in United States 

David Howell and Company: In museum shops worldwide. Made in the USA. Art & nature inspired. For more then 30 years David Howell and Company has specialized in the design and manufacturing of sophisticated, museum quality gifts, including metal bookmarks, jewelry, ornaments, and more. Our innovative gift designs are inspired by museum pieces, adapting original, iconic work to modern meaningful gifts. 

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