Medium Fused Glass Bowl

Medium Fused Glass Bowl
Medium Fused Glass Bowl
Medium Fused Glass Bowl

Medium Fused Glass Bowl

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All proceeds from the sale of this work will be donated to Save the Children's Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund.

Large stylish glass bowl inspired by the environments surrounding the artist. Makes a colourful centrepiece and is perfect for gift giving. Each bowl is one of a kind.

12.75 x 13 x 3" H

Lead-Free + Food Safe.

This bowl is part of the collection of work from Eric Hoffman's show "Environments in Fused Glass" 

Created in Iowa City, Iowa by Eric Hoffman.  Eric is a research scientist at the University of Iowa whose investigations into lung disease is based on the formation of dynamic volumetric images. Thus, art is at the roots of his science and he has turned his penchant for art in all forms into a creative passion. It is often the lure of whatever is baking in the kiln that directs and inspires his days. The creations of Glass Fusion are driven by the bend of the glass or the melding of pieces that often surprise and inspire seemingly predestined paths. The melting glass in a 1.5K degree furnace provides a sense of the primitive that cyclically reflects into each successive piece.


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