Alessi 3909 Kettle

Alessi 3909 Kettle
Alessi 3909 Kettle
Alessi 3909 Kettle
Alessi 3909 Kettle

Alessi 3909 Kettle

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The 3909 kettle mixes different cultural aspects: the phenomenon of basketball and its multicultural imagery, an integral part of Abloh's personal history, with the world of design and its codified references. The whistle is completely redesigned, taking the form of a basketball player who crushes with power to the basket, while the colors of the handle and the knob are lit with an intense purple.

Product Details:
  • Designer: Michael Graves + Virgil Abloh Securities
  • Diameter (in):  8.66"
  • Height (in):  8.86"
  • Content (cl/oz):  67.6 fl oz
About the designer: Michael Graves

Born in Indianapolis, he teaches architecture in Princeton since 1962. His architectural works include the Portland Building and the Humana Building, the extension of the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Newark Museum. He created the best-selling 9093 kettle for Alessi. Michael Graves died in 2015.

Since its establishment in 1921, Alessi has gradually evolved, becoming a leading exponent of the “Factories of Italian design”, capable of mediating between the most interesting expressions of international creativity and the public, society and the market. Its mission is to translate these creative expressions into real objects capable of fulfilling dreams and satisfying the public’s desires.

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Alessi 3909 Kettle
Sale price $210.00 Regular price $280.00 Save $70
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