During the past few years of performing our services on residential projects we have developed techniques and methods which our experience has found works best and which become the general basis of our approach to architectural commissions for residential design and construction drawings.Our major design and planning procedures basically fall into four broad categories. There is not necessarily a stopping and starting point for each as they do overlap and intertwine, but you will sense the shift or difference as the planning and design work becomes more concentrated. These categories are as follows and are the work we include within the limits of our basic fee:
SCHEMATIC DESIGN: We develop drawings, basic concepts of our interpretation of what your space needs are, and what design image or images appeal to you. Throughout this early design process we gather information from you, learning your likes/dislikes, and testing ideas for your reaction. The site and its use, that is, the placement of the various elements of the residence, its approach, vistas, etc., are an integrated part of this process of early development. This stage of our work will produce the initial basic plan and design which will become the basis of further design development.

Maggy Pool House Sketch

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT: Development of the schematic design concept proceeds into very specific space planning and aesthetic detail. This elaboration of the schematic design includes larger drawings and perhaps some model studies or three-dimensional studies. During this period of our work we will attempt to incorporate all the finer points of space layout and prepare interior and exterior drawings for your review and approval.
We are concerned with property design in total. Decks, walks, patios, driveways and walls are elements outside the building perimeter that have an influence on the character of the site and are extensions of the building design. Outdoor planning as an extension of indoor planning will become a contributing element to the building’s design. We develop these areas as part of our design process.
As we get specific in our design work, the planning often times requires adjustments to compensate for new thoughts and ideas generated. We encourage you to feel free to explore new ideas as we go along. Design development establishes the final planning and design elements to which your home will be constructed. It is not unusual that this final design result differs somewhat from the initial schematic design.

Maggy Pool House CAD

Any cost estimates we may quote are limited to our experiences on past projects and/or data we may observe as a result of market conditions or other residential construction cost information. We therefore do not guarantee any construction cost estimates we may quote and will not be responsible for the construction cost of your residence. Contractors who are involved in residential construction and its cost on a daily basis are much better equipped to provide reasonably accurate cost estimates.

It is our practice to encourage the selection of your construction contractor during the design process. For numerous reasons we would like to be part of this selection process and will look to your contractor as a contributing member of the team. Beyond the aspects of actual construction, we expect to take full advantage of and rely on their abilities for budgeting, certain material selections, subcontractor recommendations and numerous other specialties they can offer. Cost estimates to you will be the responsibility of this contractor or contractors.

Maggy Pool House Working Drawing 

CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS: When space needs and design elements have been properly addressed, we commence with drawings for construction. Exacting design continues throughout this phase and final materials are reviewed and selected. Our coordination and reviews with you during this period become very specific as, shy of changes during construction; the final decisions are being made.

For the design of the plumbing, heating, air-conditioning and electrical systems for residential projects we work closely with subcontractors which the general contractor believes are best suited for the design and installation of this part of the construction. We specifically design and select the lighting system as we feel lighting is a key function of architectural design.

BIDDING OR NEGOTIATION PHASE: When construction drawings are completed, we shall assist you in obtaining either competitive bids or negotiated proposals, in bid validation or proposal evaluation and in awarding and preparing contracts for construction.

Maggy Pool House Construction

CONSTRUCTION OBSERVATION PHASE: Once the building is under construction, we will make regular visits to the site to answer questions and insure that the project is being built as depicted in the construction documents. We will also review and certify the amounts due the contractor and shall issue Certificates for Payment in such amounts.

Throughout the process of planning and designing we will make recommendations for interior surfaces and assist in the selection of materials and colors. We will design all interior elements, which are part of the building construction. Probably the best way to describe our interior involvement is to outline primary items, which are excluded. Generally these are as follows:

Furniture selection, draperies and drapery tracks, blinds and other operation mechanisms, upholstery fabrics, loose furniture pieces like dinig table, , audio and video systems, sound and security systems and specialty kitchen equipment. We offer these interior design services for additional fees or work with others who specialize in same. In any event we want to review with you selections and activities pertaining to the interiors as they influence the building character and design.