Turkey Farm
AKAR Architecture Design, founded in 1997 in Iowa City, Iowa has descended from AKAR Design Studio (Product Design- ceramics, furniture, fabric and light fixtures) founded in 1995 by architects Sanjay & Jigna Jani. The original firm AKAR Designers was started in 1986 by Sanjay Jani while he was a student in Bombay, India.

AKAR has grown steadily in the last five years, acquiring a diverse range of projects including single & multi-family residences, commercial facilities, shopping mall stores, corporate interiors, furniture and light fixture design and graphic design. Members of our staff have been frequently honored for their achievements and their active involvement in the community. We have developed a local and state reputation for the highest standards of design, management and technical achievements. The projects are developed in a hands-on approach from conception to construction observation. We also make 3D and scaled models at various stages of design to make proportion, scale and detail decisions for most of our projects.